Ridgeland Area Master Plan, First Edition

The City of Ridgeland has come a long way from its origins as a sleepy settlement at the intersection of the railroad and the Natchez Trace. In its early years, Ridgeland was little more than a staging platform for agricultural products and raw materials that would be transported to Mississippi's Capitol City and to the more distant cities of New Orleans and Memphis. It is doubtful that the early settlers imagined that Jackson would swell in size to one day share a boundary with its little neighbor to the north. A less determined community might have eventually succumbed to the pressure and been engulfed by Jackson.

Fortunately, due to strong and confident leadership, Ridgeland established itself as an important participant in the economic life of the region on its own terms and has become a refuge of well-tended neighborhoods, quality schools, robust shopping areas and thriving small businesses. Taking full advantage of the access afforded by the Interstate Highways, the proximity of the growing market of Jackson, and an abundance of developable land, Ridgeland has grown to a city of over 20,000 with a bright future.

The Ridgeland Area Master Plan also represents the weaving together of a variety of other planning efforts previously initiated by the City of Ridgeland including the City's Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Plan, and Recreation and Parks Master Plan. As such, it provides an integrated and balanced approach to both the planning and management of City resources toward a more sustainable community.

This plan represents the hard work and dedication of many people who participated in community meetings and workshops and offered their ideas and concerns via the Master Plan Web Site. It was crafted with the guidance of the members of the Master Plan Steering Committee whose diligence and wisdom is reflected herein.