About Us

Since the adoption of the Ridgeland Area Master Plan, the City of Ridgeland is more focused than ever on its future. Ridgeland is rich in history and full of positive growth potential, and our leadership works hard to foster high quality development and redevelopment initiatives to keep the spirit of excellence going strong.


The City of Ridgeland is led by a very dedicated Mayor and Board of Aldermen who continue to make the critical decisions that position us to be not only “One of the Best Small Cities for a Startup Business” (BusinessWeek.com-2009), but also “One of the Best Places to Live” (MONEY – August 2007).


This website was created to promote business opportunities in the City of Ridgeland. It is our hope that this website provides the information necessary to get you started in the right direction. We vow to work diligently to keep this information current so you can find confidence in the website.  If you do not find what you are looking for today, please keep checking back with us or feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do.


Gene F. McGee

Mayor, City of Ridgeland




Alan Hart

ASLA, Director of Community Development




Bryan Johnson

Economic Development Assistant